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November 26, 2019

3 Tips to Get Your Little Ones to Smile for Photos…


A toddler girl smiling at the camera during her DC photo session

As a mother to an active, energetic toddler, I am the first person to understand how tricky it is to get your children to sit still for a single picture! Although I specialize in lifestyle photography, I love to get posed photos here and there like any other parent.  I remember struggling to get posed photos of my son during his first year as he got closer to turning one – he just got more active and didn’t want to sit still! Photographing my son and all of the wonderful families I have had the pleasure of working with has taught me a few tricks to use that work particularly well with the young ones. Next time you need to take a posed photo, try these simple tips to get your kids to smile for photos!

3 Simple Tips To Get Your Kids to Smile for Photos

  1. Play their favorite song on your phone – this will often get them to smile at the very least!
  2. Perform an exaggerated fake sneeze. This one is gold – the more exaggerated, the better! Kids will often pause what they’re doing, smile, and wait for the next sneeze (if they’re not already rolling with laughter)!
  3. Make animal sounds. Yes, I am not below looking and sounding ridiculous to get a great photo. You really have to sell this one to make it work, but when you do, kids love it!

Good luck, my friends! Let me know if you have success with any of these not-so-sneaky strategies. 

All the best,


A baby in a crib during her photo session.

Best of luck implementing these tips to get your kids to smile for photos! It is always an honor to serve as your DC Fine Art Family Photographer. I provide a custom, luxurious experience to lead you every step of the way, beginning with a planning guide to make you feel confident and prepared, a consultation to achieve your portrait goals, a client wardrobe, hair and make-up artists, and finally, artwork to adorn your walls and preserve your memories forever. Let me be a part of your story today.

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