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Alright, everyone! Welcome back to Part Two of my Taking Better Photos of Your Children series! If you missed Part One, alllll about finding good light, you can read it here!  I am passionate about capturing Perry’s childhood, so I am so happy to be sharing my tips and tricks with you!

Photographs Boost Self Esteem - US Capitol Family Session

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Welcome to Part One of my Taking Better Photos of Your Children series! As most parents can probably relate, my phone is full of pictures of my son. I am wayyyy better with taking pictures of Perry with my phone than on my actual camera. We are so fortunate now that we constantly carry around a camera 24/7. I often think about how today’s infants are going to have thousands of photos and videos of them as children when they grow up. It’s crazy to think about. As I child, I remember flipping through photo albums and remembering and knowing each picture. Today’s children will just have so many to go through! With technology ever evolving, I do think it’s important to print photos and have them available in a tangible way, but that’s a whole other blog post…

A little boy kisses his baby sister in a field at sunset

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