My Philosophy

I create whimsical memories through art for you before your little ones grow up.

I aim to capture connection and tender moments, so you won’t see props or a lot of staged posing in my images. I find that the photos that capture relationships and connection are not only classic and stand the test of time, but they speak to the heart the most.

Holding photographs in my own hands, perusing a family album, walking by portraits of my children - these simple, small things bring me great joy, and I believe they will for you, too. Invite me to be a part of your legacy. -

Your DC Maternity Photographer, Marie

I'm Marie, a DC Maternity Photographer. I photograph motherhood with an old-world, nostalgic flair, and film is my medium of choice. I believe I should have been born in Europe and am usually planning my next trip. Historic homes have my heart, and I am frequently chasing around my rambunctious toddler in mine.

My style is timeless and iconic so your children and grandchildren can cherish the legacy you have provided for them years from now. 

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Insatiable wanderlust


My darlings, Perry & Rosie

My love, Zach


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