Newborn, maternity, & family photography in DC, MD, & VA for the busy mother who wants to hold photographs in her own hands and hang heirlooms in her home.

Elegant, romantic, & whimsical

Fine Art Newborn, maternity, & family Photography

Fine art Photographer

Rebecca opened her newborn album, smiling as she said, "I can't wait to share this with my daughter when she's older."

As I stood there, watching her view her beautiful images, I felt such a feeling of joy. This mother, who wasn't sure if she would ever hold a baby in her arms, now has this beautiful linen heirloom album that she will share with her grandchildren one day. 

For me, it began when I had my son. The ever passing of time tugged at my heart, and I wanted to preserve. From his rolls to his inquisitive gaze, nothing lasted and it ached me.

Fast forward to now - as a motherhood photographer, I am drawn to all things romantic, elegant, and whimsical. I want you to feel that nostalgic joy when you view your images 10 years from now.

These photographs are eternal -  they're our means to remember these small, sacred moments, and I want to remember. To learn more about how we can create your legacy, click the button below.

Let's create your legacy

The Artist

Meet Marie

she sat down with tear-filled eyes and whispered, "we've waited so long for this."

A luxurious experience for nostalgic mothers

I know how busy you are. I will take care of:

- Your wardrobe
- Hair and make-up
- Selecting the perfect location
- How to prepare your family
- Designing artwork to adorn your walls
- Creating an album of your precious memories
- Pampering you

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so these moments are not forgotten

Resources for mothers

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For a stress-free fine art portrait experience

Preserve those sacred moments

As a DC Photographer and busy mother myself, I aim to provide a tailored, high-touch experience to lead you every step of the way. I want your photos to live on your walls and in your hands - not on a hard drive. By offering matted, framed wall art and fine art albums, we'll ensure your images will stand the test of time.

I know how difficult it can be to make time for family photos. What if your portrait experience was different? Imagine having timeless dresses and gowns for your disposal, being pampered with hair and make-up services, feeling confident and encouraged during her session, and being guided for beautiful artwork for your home post-session.

art to adorn your home forever

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