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As a lover of fine art photography, I have desired to enrich the service I provide the families I photograph. I couldn’t quite place my finger on it, but it seemed there should be something more than simply sending an online gallery and calling it a day. The galleries are beautiful and purposeful, yet so […]

DC Fine Art Photography album

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Hello, there. These past six months have simply been a whirlwind – Rosie was born in January, and the pandemic began shortly after. Over the course of the quarantine, I, like many others, began picking up new habits and skills to occupy the time. For me, this manifested in photographing my little ones and home […]

Quarantine on film

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Welcome to Part One of my Taking Better Photos of Your Children series! As most parents can probably relate, my phone is full of pictures of my son. I am wayyyy better with taking pictures of Perry with my phone than on my actual camera. We are so fortunate now that we constantly carry around a camera 24/7. I often think about how today’s infants are going to have thousands of photos and videos of them as children when they grow up. It’s crazy to think about. As I child, I remember flipping through photo albums and remembering and knowing each picture. Today’s children will just have so many to go through! With technology ever evolving, I do think it’s important to print photos and have them available in a tangible way, but that’s a whole other blog post…

A little boy kisses his baby sister in a field at sunset

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Okay, let me preface this by saying that the post says YOU. The 3 things YOU really need for your hospital bag. The hospital will provide everything else, and there are so many posts about all of the extra things you can bring for nursing, recovery, the baby, etc. This post is about YOU and those first few days (or weeks) of postpartum life. As many new mamas soon find out, once the baby is born, all the attention is then redirected from mama to baby (and can you really blame them?). But so many new mothers feel forgotten and lost, which is not hard to do when you haven’t showered in a few days and don’t know what day it is.

hospital bag essentials for mom

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Hello all and welcome to my journal. Can’t believe I am FINALLY saying that. As a DC motherhood photographer, blogging has been something I have been wanting to do with my business for the longest time but have been putting off for so many reasons. The truth is that I can’t wait to connect with […]

DC Fine Art Maternity Photographer

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