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I choose to incorporate family photography on film for my sessions because I adore film photography for many reasons. Film is quite different than digital photography, and these differences are part of why I enjoy it. I also love photographing my own family on film. I will often carry around my 35mm camera to document […]

Family photography on film

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DC Film Photographers are frequently asked many questions about film, so I wanted to compile the most common questions and their responses in one place for you! Film is a medium that some photographers choose to photograph with over or alongside digital. I would estimate that the vast majority of photographers photograph using digital alone […]

Golden light and bouquet maternity session

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I adore being a film photographer here in the Northern VA and DC area, so I documented our summer on film. Film is an integral part of my client experience, but I also photograph my own family on film. I actually fell in love with film when COVID first hit. I wrote a whole post […]

Maryland film photographer - little boy holding seashell

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