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March 26, 2019

Part TWO – 5 Steps to Take Better Photos of Your Children on Your Phone


5 Steps to Take Better Phone Photos

Welcome back to Part Two of my 5 Steps to Take Better Photos of Your Children series! If you missed Part One, all about finding good light, you can read it here. I am so happy to be sharing my tips and tricks with you. Our children are only little for so long, afterall.

Today I am sharing a little bit more about how to position your subject and when to press the button. Most people will just take a photo with their subject directly in the center, but I encourage you to think about composition in the next photo you take!

2. Composition – apply the rule of thirds to take better photos

The rule of thirds is basically a guideline for creating good composition and balance in your photos. This is translated to finding the best spot to position your subject (or yourself!). To apply the rule of thirds, you will need to divide your image into thirds with two vertical lines and two horizontal lines, creating nine squares in your photo. The four points of intersection of these lines would be the visual points of interest where you would want to place your subject. It just helps the viewer see a more balanced, natural image. You’ll be amazed by how much it changes a photo!

Another thing I try to do is to avoid cutting off major limbs in photos, such as feet (a big pet peeve!), hands, knees, etc. Now that I am used to avoiding this, photos with cropped limbs just look strange to me! There IS such a thing as a creative crop, such as when the focal point of a photo may be a tiny hand; other than that, I try to frame accordingly.

A little boy kisses his baby sister in a field at sunset. 5 Steps to Take Better Phone Photos

3. Photograph Action to Take Better Photos

I take (or try to take…) staged photos just like every parent, but I think that really great photos spark emotion. If you look at a photo and can think of an emotion it conveys, then it is probably a good photo. There’s a reason so many wedding photographers will have all of the bridesmaids look at each other and tell them to fake laugh or have someone tell a joke. It looks so much better than just having all of them looking straight at the camera!

Capturing action may be easy for you if you have a toddler at home since toddlers are not known for standing still for very long. I believe that some of life’s greatest moments are lived in the everyday, and these are usually my favorite photos to look back on. It is often the ordinary that we look back and long for.

By taking a photo of someone doing something, it gives breath to the photo.

5 Steps to Take Better Photos

5 Steps to Take Better Photos - Add a hug!

That wraps up Part 2 of 5 Steps to Take Better Photos of Your Children! I encourage you to incorporate intentional composition and movement in your photos this week! Next time I’ll share the final two factors that will enhance your photos. In the meantime, feel free to let me know if you have any questions. Enjoy your week, friends!

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