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August 15, 2019

DC Maternity – Halfway There…


DC Maternity Photographer, Marie Elizabeth Photography, standing with husband and son.

As a DC Maternity Photographer, we are thrilled to share the news that we are expecting our second child – a little girl! Zach and I are SO excited about welcoming a girl into our family. We are already dreaming of fun things to do with her once she’s here.

I wanted to jot down how this pregnancy has been different from my first with Perry now that I’m at the halfway point. Perry’s pregnancy was really easy, overall. I had little nausea and fatigue and felt like I had a lot of energy throughout most of the pregnancy. We did travel to Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, England, New Orleans, and Savannah (I was 9 months pregnant during this trip!), after all!

This pregnancy has been quite different. I had way more bouts of nausea, and it lingered past the first trimester. My aversions were even worse than the nausea. I was really picky about food and kind of still am (there’s been a lot of pizza and pasta over here!). I was not interested in coffee AT ALL. That made life difficult, especially with how tired I was!

The fatigue hit me really hard with this pregnancy, too. Maybe it’s because I am chasing around a highly energetic toddler non-stop, but I felt extremely tired allllll the time. I would come home from work and just crash for the rest of the night. I’ve had a lot more energy since entering the second trimester, but I still try to sneak some naps in when I can (I think it’s the toddler…).

Things we are looking forward to: 

  1. Planning and decorating a new nursery (or at least I am!). Hopefully Zach won’t need to paint this one twice…
  2. Knowing what we really need and preparing more adequately this time! We have so much stuff that we used with Perry that we’ll use again. I list some of my favorite maternity leave items here. However, there are a few items we wish to upgrade now that we know how useful they are. I am also doing way more research about birth this time around, partially because my epidural failed with Perry’s birth. I am learning so much and already feel empowered just knowing what my options are and how to advocate (and have Zach advocate) for me during the birth. We are currently looking into the Bradley Method.
  3. Enjoying this time together before our family grows. I wished Perry’s pregnancy along quickly, but I am really trying to enjoy and soak in this time before the family dynamic changes. The newborn phase is so special but so hard; relishing this time as a family of three is important to us (not to mention, sleeping while we still can!).
  4. Meeting the little lady and having Perry become a big brother! Above all, we cannot wait to meet her and have Perry assume the role of big brother. He knows there’s a baby in my tummy (or however much a toddler “knows”), and since he loves helping us with chores, I hope he loves being a big brother.

Mamas with multiple children – were your pregnancies different or similar? I’d love to know!

All the best,

Marie, DC Maternity Photographer

P.S. – If you’re preparing to give birth, don’t forget to check out my favorite items to pack in your hospital bag.

DC Maternity Photographer, Marie Elizabeth Photography, standing in living room

DC Maternity Photographer

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