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How to Help Your Older Child During Your Newborn Session


How to help your older child during your newborn session

As a mother AND newborn photographer, I understand the excitement and anticipation that comes with welcoming a new member into your family. Capturing those precious moments with your newborn is a treasure that lasts a lifetime. However, for parents with a toddler in tow, the thought of managing both a newborn and an active little one during a photo session can be overwhelming.

Here are some tips to help your toddler thrive and ensure a successful newborn photo session:

Talk to your child to prepare them.

In the days leading up to your newborn session, begin prepping your child for what to expect. Tell them a photographer will be coming to take some photos of the family and that it will be a FUN experience! They will get to cuddle with mom or dad and baby brother or sister!

Collage of three photos of mom, dad, and big sister with newborn baby.

Schedule your newborn session around naptime.

Ensure that the time frame you schedule your newborn session accommodates your oldest child’s naptime. I find the best time for photographing newborns is morning, and this is usually before naptime for bigger kids. Children tend to be in good moods earlier in the morning, which allows a session to run smoothly!

Empower your toddler with choices.

Have your toddler make some decisions regarding the session, like with what to wear. First, narrow down options to 2-3, then ask your child to pick which one they like the best. I will usually ask toddlers which parent they want to hold them and then have the other parent hold the baby. Toddlers will love having a say in how things go!

Collage of three images of three older siblings welcoming their newborn sister.

Make sure they have a full belly before the session.

Snacks go a long way with children, so I always recommend feeding little ones before we begin so they’re not hungry and irritable during photos. They’ll be in a better mood and last for longer, so it’s a win win!

Plan something fun for after the session.

Talk to your child and plan a fun treat or activity for after the photo session. It could be as simple as a cookie or going to the park later in the day. This will give your toddler something to help get them through the session.

Collage of three images of toddler boy and baby sister.

Go with the flow.

The wonderful thing about in-home sessions is that we are in your home, so if your toddler needs a break, that’s okay! Often times if a little one needs some time to eat a snack or take time to themselves, they will find their way back and want to be in photos again. I will follow the flow of your family, so we will ensure everyone is happy!

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