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I choose to incorporate family photography on film for my sessions because I adore film photography for many reasons. Film is quite different than digital photography, and these differences are part of why I enjoy it. I also love photographing my own family on film. I will often carry around my 35mm camera to document […]

Family photography on film

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DC Film Photographers are frequently asked many questions about film, so I wanted to compile the most common questions and their responses in one place for you! Film is a medium that some photographers choose to photograph with over or alongside digital. I would estimate that the vast majority of photographers photograph using digital alone […]

Golden light and bouquet maternity session

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I adore being a film photographer here in the Northern VA and DC area, so I documented our summer on film. Film is an integral part of my client experience, but I also photograph my own family on film. I actually fell in love with film when COVID first hit. I wrote a whole post […]

Maryland film photographer - little boy holding seashell

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During the course of COVID, I delved into a new photography project. I, like many others, began picking up new habits and skills to occupy the time. For me, this manifested in photographing my little ones and home life with film, and I fell completely in love. Film requires us to slow down and wait […]

Quarantine on film

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