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Minimalist Mom-ing


Minimalist approach to being a mom and photography

I recently came to the realization that I am a minimalist at heart, especially when it comes to being a mom. My photography shows this in the sense that I like all of the focus to be on my beautiful subjects. I educate my clients on how to achieve that clean aesthetic in photos because I believe that the focus should be on that raw emotion and connection. This gives meaning to art more than any outfit or background ever will.

In the same sense, I have become aware that I think about parenting similarly. I don’t want Perry to have a lot of things. Zach and I really don’t have a lot of things. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE things like handbags and clothes, but in reality, I use pretty much the same stuff every day/week. Having more than I actually need or use is just excess stuff that takes up space. And the same goes for toys and clothes.

Perry has a lot of toys from his birthday and Christmas. Other than that, Zach and I do not buy him toys frequently. We found that we got so many toys for his birthday that we actually rotate through toys so he has that “brand new” feeling with toys he already has.

I did not have a lot of toys growing up. I think this was great for me in two big ways. First, anytime I was gifted something, I loved and cherished it and thought it was the coolest thing for the longest time. Second, I used my imagination so much with the toys I had by creating stories and lives for my toys. It was fun and helped me be creative! I want the same for Perry.

Favorite things…

I especially like wooden toys like these because they’re safe and really require you to be creative. An added bonus is that our house is not inundated with bright red, blue, and yellow things for us to trip over. I’ve shared some of my favorite hospital bag items and maternity leave essentials here.

What are your thoughts on minimalism in the home?

All the best,


Minimalist Mom-ing

Minimalist Mom - DC Fine Art Motherhood Photographer

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  1. Lisa says:

    I would love to know your tips and tricks on how you keep the extended family and friends to embrace this minimalist lifestyle. You can control your own parenting style by buying less, but trying to reign in the gifts from others for birthdays, Christmas, and "just because" from the generous grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends can be a challenge. That’s where all the "stuff" ends up piling up.

  2. Marie says:

    Yes, that is difficult! I think effective communication is key; have you tried explaining why you don’t want a lot of toys to them? If so and you still get a boat load of stuff, you can keep a little for the rotation and then just give the rest of the stuff away! Gift giving may be there love language, so perhaps ask them to help buy experiences, too?

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